Whoah. This Is One of The Best-Looking Games I Have Ever Seen

Sorry, Battlefield 3. Sorry, Crysis 2. Upcoming driving game Project CARS is here to kick your ass and take your crown.


The crowd-funded (and developed!) racing game has celebrated its one-year anniversary with, what else, but a fan-made trailer.

I know, this is footage from its PC version (it's also due for 360, PS3 and Wii U), and I know, it's a racing game (which always look good, since they've got less details to worry about), but still. Those lighting effects, those car models... I just can't get my jaw off the floor.


Project C.A.R.S. - One Year [JonZ]

Project Cars [WMD]

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So, big publishers, your argument of "AAA games being too expensive to make because of graphics" is...where?