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People always complain that there aren't enough games on Kotaku. (Actually, they don't, but just pretend that they do.) So here's a Twitter-based, gaming-centric quiz for you starring, well, that's the mystery!


Each of the following video-game-related Tweets were added to the omnibus of important Internet conversation that is some time in the last couple of weeks.

Guess who wrote each one. Or click the numbered link to find out. Or mouse over it. But please don't cheat.

Can't wait. I call George! RT @BeatlesTweets: Trailer 2 from Beatles Rockband now available.

Looks like the feminists and wimps are upset at this EA promotion. Some people take things too seriously.


Thanks Jace Hall for leaking my phone number. I shall now kick your ass!

GAH! Snuggie Dog!!!

You can continue this in the comments, if you'd like.

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