Who Teases a Teaser, Anyway?

We do, dammit. Adam Barenblat cooked up this awesome teaser for an original video project he and I have been working on for about two weeks. It's rolling to you on Tuesday. We've taken a rather unorthodox look at Grand Theft Auto IV, is about all I want to say right now. I feel like I've just shot a porno as I have no idea how ashamed my family will be of this.

Adam and I wanted to get this teaser out yesterday but things got a little complicated with the holiday. Still, it was too good not to post.

Also, I kinda goofed up on the holiday schedule in my last post. Bash and Luke will be joining you on Monday. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend (in the U.S., anyway).

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Luke Plunkett

"Wilkes's ability to comment is not enabled."

good work today, Wilkes. If it's not the quality of your content that concerns me, it's the...well, the quality.