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​Who Sonic Is, According To Sega

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Character guides. They're full of need-to-know information about famous characters whose faces might wind upon merchandise. Yesterday, we got a peek at a Nintendo guide that told us Yoshi's real name. Today, some pages for a Sonic character guide have surfaced, letting us know that, among other things, Sega's blue mascot hates going slow. Shocker.


Uploaded by Steve Lin, the Sega character guide doesn't go as in depth as the Nintendo one, as far as talking about other characters in Sonic's world. Still, it offers some insight as to the image the Japanese company wanted to project with Sonic and how they tried to establish his 'radical-attitude' persona.


Gumballs and chili dogs? Sure. But what are these 'other things' that Sonic is full of. Let's hope he's got some fruits and vegetables inside there.

Sonic likes Miles Davis. Who knew?


Oh, for the days before Knuckles got on the juice.


A pledge to obey the style guide? Kind of creepy, Sonic.

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Also, Sonic follows the Golden Ratio.