Who Needs Co-op? Here's the First Few Minutes of Shank 2's Single-Player

Inspired as it is by 1980s action-movie tropes, you can probably guess the plot of Shank 2's story mode. If your guess involves the hero renouncing his violent ways and trying to embrace a quieter existence, only to have his old life come back to wreak havoc in his new one, then you get a prize.


That prize is the opening chunk of Shank 2's single-player. What you may not be able to make out in this video is the additional depth of field in the backgrounds, which makes the world feel more alive than in the previous title. The character animations look noticeably smoother, too, adding a bit more nuance to the little gestures they make when idle. As far as gameplay, you'll now be able to pick up and use dropped enemy weapons like baseball bats and shovels. You'll also be able to counter enemy attacks—opportunities marked by big exclamation points—with moves that end in one-hit kills.

A second clip shows the first boss battle of the sequel, which unfolds in similar fashion to the first game's big showdowns. Look for Shank 2 to chainsaw its way to consoles early next year.

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David Green

Didn't Shank end up being kind of a let down? I'm surprised the devs made a second, although since they're independent they probably made back the production costs on the first one easily.