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Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima doesn't just design video games. He writes them. He directs them. He even names them.


"I was happy and getting used to the title given to our coming game, but I decided to change it," Kojima tweeted in English. "Any game that I design, will be named by me."

Previously, the game designer explained that the credit "A Hideo Kojima Game" is a statement that he is responsible for everything. "I do not add this to games that I only produce," he added.


Kojima is at work on several new titles, so players can look forward to A Hideo Kojima game from Kojima Productions written, directed, produced and named by Hideo Kojima.

And as for guesses about future titles? Smart money says they include the words "Metal", "Gear" and "Solid".

Twitter / @HIDEO_KOJIMA: I was happy and getting us ... [Twitter] [Pic]

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