I didn't! Then again, I've never really thought about it.

Zawachin is a makeup artist and internet celebrity who became famous for impersonating famous Japanese stars...while they are wearing sickness masks. That's her thing!


The vast majority Japanese people wear masks when they are sick, worried about getting sick, or have pollen allergies. However, more recently, some women have started to wear them for increased privacy as well as because they think the masks make their faces look smaller. (This isn't true for everyone, mind you!)

To help promote the latest Transformers flick, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Zawachin created Transformers make-up, transformed into Optimus Prime and was joined by model Akina Minami as Bumblebee.

Eiga.com and Cinema Cafe were on hand to cover the event.

[Photo: Eiga.com]

[Photo: Cinema Cafe]

[Photo: Cinema Cafe]

The makeup looks okay, I guess. Those customized masks, though, are perfect for Transformers cosplay.

ざわちん&アッキーナ、「トランスフォーマー」メイクで渋谷降臨! [Eiga.com]

ざわちん"ものまねメイク"新作は『トランスフォーマー』 オプティマスに挑戦! [Cinema Cafe]

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