Only answer if you're also wealthy enough to afford the form-fitting suit that made Samus Aran more of a sex object after Metroid: Zero Missions, because this custom-made Zero Suit probably won't go cheap.

The folks at Wii Folder are auctioning off this one-of-a-kind bounty hunter get up on eBay, which they call "the best looking Zero Suit ever constructed," ideal for your next Metroid cosplay. They claim to have dropped a cool $650 on its creation, so don't be surprised if it sells for just as much. As you can see in the clip, it's perfect for adding a few more gallons of perspiration to your Wii Fit sessions and also comes with a pair of custom boots.

It should go without saying, but squeezing oneself into a vinyl catsuit and heading to your local con is a decision that shouldn't be made lightly. Also, if you're buying this for a loved one, please consult them about your various Nintendo fetishes before offering your bid.

COSPLAY - Metroid series latex Samus Aran Zero Suit [eBay - thanks, Josh!]