VITA | TOKYO, JAPAN: Video game The Legend of Heroes: Evolution gets a press conference with funny outfits. Ha. Ha. (Photo: Game Impress Watch)

Blizzard and Valve go to War Over DOTA Name

Blizzard once made a game called WarCraft III. Then someone made an awesome mod for it called DOTA. Then Valve decided to make a game called DOTA 2. Then Blizzard decided to make something called Blizzard DOTA. More »


The Stupidest PS3 Password Story Ever

When Sony was hacked in 2011, it was major news. People's personal information was put at risk. This latest PlayStation password story is not major news. More »


Why the Internet Gave This Man $1 Million. In a Single Day.

In case you've missed it, a video game idea on Kickstarter has helped smash the site's records by raising over one million dollars in a single day.
That. More »


The Japanese Side of the PlayStation Button Confusion

Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo (The Japanese that Japanese People Don't Know) is a collection of real-life stories centering on a young Japanese woman as she teaches Japanese to a group of foreigners in Tokyo. More »


What Pokémon Would Look Like as Classic Disney Characters

Canadian artist Beth Turnsek is the one to thank for these amazing Pokémon images which reimagine the Japanese series in her own charming style, which resembles classic animated films.
What's cool about this series is that she's gone through and drawn her favourite pocket monster from each... More »


NeverDead: The Kotaku Review

At E3 in June, I watched Konami's Shinta Nojiri play NeverDead and struggle to reassemble his dismembered, immortal hero just to dispatch what looked like the game's run-of-the-mill enemies. More »



These Are the First PSP Games That Will Work On The Vita

Sony has released a list of the first 275 PSP games that will be available to be downloaded or transferred onto their new handheld Vita. Sony has put a note in the post indicating that the list is not complete, and that more games will be added in subsequent updates.
It's a far-reaching list, and a... More »

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