Who Doesn't Want To Be A Cybernetic Corgi Named Bullet

In ProtoCorgi from Chilean developer Kemono Games, players are cast as Bullet, a C3 class cybernetic lifeform, as he attempts to save his creator from evil aliens. C3 stands for “Cute Cyber Corgi,” as if there could be any other kind of cyber Corgi.

Coming out in November for PC with a Switch port following soon after, ProtoCorgi is described in its official press release as a “bark-em-up. That’s ridiculously cute. Look at his widdle paws just hanging there in space. Look at his widdle missiles and lasers. Such pretty pixels. What a good boy.

I want to play this right now, and I can, because there’s a free demo on Steam. You can, too. Yip.


Needs More Corgis

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As a Corgo owner I approve.