Look At This Little Corgi Burger

Look at this plush corgi cheeseburger. As both Kotaku’s resident toy and snack aficionado, I’ve been mesmerized by this glorious thing for days. Do I tag it “Toys”? “Snacktaku”? Both? Probably both.

It’s a seven-inch plush double cheeseburger with a corgi face for the top bun, which is completely silly and I love it. It’s part of the Foodie Macaroon line of plushies coming in March from Douglas Toys, a company whose mailing list I’ve been on since they yelled at me for taking photos without permission during my first visit to the New York Toy Fair (they thought I might be a toy spy, which is a real thing). It’s mesmerizing. Look at that face.


I’m not as smitten with the rest of the Foodie Macaroon line. I’ll probably pick up Avogato based on the clever name alone. Taco Chihuahua seems a little too on-the-nose, doesn’t it?

The Unicorn Ice Cream Cone is kind of clever, and I am a fan of unicorns, so I’ll probably get that as well. Watermelon Llama puzzles me. I do not understand this paring. Maybe I need to brush up on my llama lore.


Okay fine, I’ll probably pick up the whole lot of them. Douglas makes great plushes, and I love hugging absurd things. But one of these food-animal hybrids will be getting more love than any other.


Yes, you. Good burger dog.

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