White Port

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: White Chili

Man, I love chili. Family here is LEERY of it, because I like chili with beans. And while they like green beans, beans that make you, for a lack of a better word, toot don't get much love from the Japanese folks in chez Ashcraft.


But white chili? Never had it. Just googled it and it looks tasty!

Speaking of white things, have you ever had white port? I really, really dig port. And when I was at the liquor store the other day, I was eyeing a bottle of white port. Kinda keen to try it! Have you? Or have any readers?

Oh, for those readers who live in Osaka prefecture and are into wine and spirits, do highly recommend Mille Cote for its selection. Staff are incredibly knowledgeable as well. The stock is largely Western, but they do carry Japanese spirits as well.

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