Which Retailer Has the Best Final Fantasy XIII-2 Preorder Incentive?

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When Final Fantasy XIII-2 hits North American shores on January 31, GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon customers that preordered the game will walk away with some pretty spiffy bonus items, but which is the most enticing? This time around it's not GameStop.

In the world of retailer-exclusive preorder bonuses, dedicated video game retailer GameStop normally comes out on top, but in the case of Final Fantasy XIII-2 I'm not so sure. Fans that put their money down at the video game chain will score a special costume for the character Serah, visible throughout the whole game, but what's a costume compared to Amazon's Omega?

That's right kids, pre-purchasing from online retailer Amazon.com scores players a special coliseum boss battle against Omega, a name generally reserved for powerful weapons or optional bosses in the Final Fantasy series. Defeat Omega in this special battle and the powerful monster will join your party, and you win. I mean come on, it's Omega.


Omega beats fancy costume. It definitely beats Best Buy's preorder exclusive hardbound Final Fantasy XIII –Episode i– novella, which bridges the gap between XIII and XIII-2.

Though let's be smart about this. A physical item is probably worth more in the long run, and Square Enix won't be able to resist releasing that Omega battle later as paid downloadable content.

Since there's no toy moogle, gonna have to go with Best Buy on this one. Thoughts?

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Content being held back as a pre-order incentive is bad enough. Having to choose between pieces of content because of a pissing match between retailers? Inexcusable.

The faster this bullshit comes to a stop, the better. I'm not even a Final Fantasy fan, but it's not acceptable in any game.