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Which Red Is The Best Red? Your Vote Matters

Illustration for article titled Which Red Is The Best Red? Your Vote Matters

Our Red Faction red contest has drawn to a close. We've selected the best of the best of the best — the finalists. Let's pick ourselves a winner.


No, let's have you pick a winner.

Here's how it works: In the comments section below, write the name of the image you are voting for (the actual JPG or PNG name). Writing more than one comment or voting more than once or spamming the comments section with anything other than a single vote will result in banhammering.


Voting ends in exactly 24 hours. The winner will receive a copy of Red Faction. That, and our undying love — platform of their choice.

Okay! Voting begins. Life goes on.

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I vote the guy with two virtual boys... because he's already lost so much in life from owning two virtual boys