Which Part Of Japan Is Bonkers For Xbox 360?

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And prefecture part is keen for the Wii? And what regions heart the PS3? All three consoles were put through Google Insights for Search to get the tally for the console searches with the most buzz.


The results are for this year, are broken down by prefecture and do not necessarily translate into console sales or ownership. These are search results!

• Top Five For Wii
5. Kochi Prefecture
4. Kagawa Prefecture
3. Saga Prefecture
2. Tokushima Prefecture
1. Wakayama Prefecture


• Top Five For PS3
5. Saga Prefecture
4. Akita Prefecture
3. Tokushima Prefecture
2. Tottori Prefecture
1. Kochi Prefecture

• Top Five For Xbox 360
5. Tokushima Prefecture
4. Kochi Prefecture
3. Saga Prefecture
2. Tottori Prefecture
1. Akita Prefecture

Lots of game console net-surfing going on in Tottori, Kochi and Tokushima! According to website Rocket News 24, on the Japanese internet Wii fans are referred to as "ninshin" ("pregnant"), Sony fans are called "GK" ("gatekeeper") and Xbox 360 fans are called "chikan" ("molester").

Thus, Rocket News concludes, there is a high rate of pregnancy in Wakayama, loads of Sony fanboys in Kochi and in Akita? Well, yeah.


Hardly scientific!

日本で一番Wiiが好きな県民は和歌山県民! PS3好きは高知県民! Xbox360好きは秋田県民! [ロケットニュース24(β)via はちま起稿] [Pic]

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If Sony fans are "GK" ("gatekeeper"), then where are the "KM" ("keymaster")?