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Which New Female Shepard is Female Shepard's Favourite?

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There's a great interview with Jennifer Hale, the voice of the female Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, where she talks about all kinds of cool stuff. Most poignant at this present time, though, are her thoughts on the vote for her character's new face.


And those thoughts are?

"I like the one with the freckles!"

That would be this one. Know that she's not going on record either way about the decision to change the character's default face. She was simply asked which of those up for voting was her favourite.


Hale also reveals that, despite being half the voice of Mass Effect's main character, she had never played the game until earlier this year, when she finally sat down with a copy of the first game. "It was very interesting", she said. "It drove me a little bit crazy, because when I was in the game I could see the tweaks and adjustments I'd love to do. But it was good, and I'm sure that that experience has informed Mass Effect 3."

You should read the rest of the piece, if only because Hale has done so many great video game voices beyond the Mass Effect series.

Illustration for article titled Which New Female Shepard is Female Shepards Favourite?

Commanding Shepard: Jennifer Hale Speaks [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

(Top photo by Frederick M. Brown | Getty)

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Pepe Thunder

Last i checked, the blonde was winning. UGH blonde is so 90's. Seems everybody here in america thinks blondes are better looking wtf