Which Graphics Card Do You Use, Nvidia or AMD?

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If you play games on PC, there's a good chance you use a graphics processing unit (GPU) built around technology from one of two companies: Nvidia or AMD. The question is: Which?


I've used both brands off and on for a while now—both Nvidia's GTX line and AMD (formerly ATI)'s Radeon cards have their own cadre of optimized games, and each one is plenty powerful enough to have a good PC gaming experience. But I've been curious as to which cards more of our readers use, so I thought I'd do a poll.

A few notes on the poll options. BOTH is intended for those who own a GPU of each brand, and either A) regularly swap them out depending on which game you're playing or B) Have two PCs, one AMD and one Nvidia. OTHER is intended for those who use some other graphical solution to play PC games. I DON'T PLAY PC GAMES should be self-explanatory.

Okay! Let's see which GPU is more popular among Kotaku readers:


All Your Base

GTX 670.

Also, how often do you guys upgrade?