Current-day Diablo III is a pretty different game from the one that launched back in 2012. But for all the changes, one thing remains the same: You still have to choose a character class before you play.

Back when Diablo III first came out, I wasn't sure which class to pick. Should I be a monk? Or a wizard? Or maybe a barbarian? (In the end, I chose monk, and had a good time, though I did wind up enjoying the demon hunter a bit more for my playstyle.)

Since the "Ultimate Evil" edition of the game comes out tomorrow on consoles, complete with the new-ish Crusader class, I thought it would be a good time to ask you all which Diablo III class you've ultimately decided is the best. Hopefully this will also be a useful guide for new players, who may still be unsure which class to choose.

As far as what "best" means—it can mean whatever it means for you. Vote for the class you like to play the most.


Explain your pick below.