Which Country Dominates the PSN?

The PlayStation Network is Sony's global online gaming service. Countries from around the world can access the PSN and game. But which country has the most accounts? Is it Japan?


In light of the recent PSN breach, here is a breakdown of the number of PSN accounts per country:

- USA: 31,140,307
- UK: 9,296,317
- Japan: 7,427,038
- France: 4,701,424
- Canada: 3,524,227
- Germany: 3,233,800
- Spain: 2,982,592 accounts


It is possible to make accounts in countries where you don't resides, and more countries have PSN accounts; however, website Famitsu did not supply complete global data. There is a grand total of 77 million accounts worldwide. According to Sony, ten million credit cards linked to these accounts may have been compromised.

不正アクセスと個人情報流出について調査結果と対応策が発表【PSN不正アクセス説明会】 [ファミ通.com]

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