Where When I Need It

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IndieGames' freeware pick, Where, is exactly what I need to come down from the towering rage brought on by a traffic-y, wet Monday.


The game consists of a series of mazes that you navigate using the directional keys to move and the mouse to look around. Unlike that old Microsoft Windows screensaver, these puzzles actually have an endpoint – though it may take a few tries before you can figure out the right path to get there.

What wins me over is the soothing score and utterly uncomplicated gameplay. Whoever said indie games need to be clever, pretentious brain-stretchers needs to be punched in the face.


Check out Rock-Paper-Shotgun's review of it and hit up IndieGames to get Where for free.

Where [Rock-Paper-Shotgun]

Freeware Game Pick: Where [IndieGames]

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