Where We Talk About One-Eyed Daruma

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It's that time. Time to close out a day of Kotaku with an open thread, where anything and everything can be discussed. Talk amongst yourselves, while I struggle to stay awake and finish StarCraft II.


See, today represents one of those rare days when I'm tired. I don't really get tired unless I'm covering E3 or traveling to Tokyo or Germany and wearing 20 pounds of equipment on my back for 12 hours. But I taped an episode of Bonus Round at GameTrailers today. Having stayed up until 1 am playing StarCraft II and waking up at 6 am made for a sleepy day.

And now I'm rambling. Oh, also I wish I'd purchased one of those Kotobukiya Dark Phoenix figures at Comic-Con. Instead, I bought a cyclopian daruma for my desk. It's non-sexy. I don't think I'm allowed to own those anymore.


Drop your own non sequitors or genuinely interesting topics of conversation in the comments below.

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exactly 2 weeks till I'm off to another year of college, cept this time its in another state.

I don't think I'll handle the slight accent difference well.

Anyone else in another state than their own for college? I'm from east coast PA and am going over to Ohio.