We might never see it in the games, but Pok√©mon trainers must die at some point‚ÄĒthey're human, after all. Ever wonder what that means for Pok√©mon? Here's one disturbing take.

The video, which is uploaded by Zedrin, is based on a comic created by projectTiGER which imagines that, after a certain amount of time, any Pokeball holding a Pokémon is bound to fail. Spoilers: since Pokemon are likely stored in Pokeballs as code, this opens up the possibility for data corruption. And what Pokémon is more famed for being glitchy, other than Missingno?


Essentially, the comic imagines that Pokémon that stay in Pokeballs for too long start losing their minds, and eventually turn into corrupted Missingno Pokémon. Messed-up! No wonder the games don't tackle the subject much.