Where Does Portal 2's Co-Op Campaign Fit Into the Half-Life Universe?

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From an interview with Valve Software's Chet Faliszek from Beefjack.com:

With regards to the co-op campaign, how does it fit in the Portal universe?

Chet Faliszek: It has its own separate story, with its own characters, and takes place after the single-player game. GLaDOS has a little thing for you to do, and I'll say no more to avoid spoilers! The story in co-op really has to step back a little bit because you need room for people to breathe and talk. They have their own story that's competing against it, you know? They won't go: "Remember when I was playing P-Body and you were Atlas and I pulled the light-bridge out from underneath you?" They're going to say: "Hey, remember when I pulled the light-bridge out from underneath you, and you fell off into the goo?" There's more of a personal story that comes from that.


Of course, no one's quite sure how the overall Portal 2 story will be woven into Half-Life, but there is some speculation (among a few random gamers that I've talked to) that part of the reason we haven't heard anything about Half-Life 3 at all is because events in Portal 2 will heavily affect the Half-Life universe. I'm starting to get a totally speculative hunch that we'll be hearing about Half-Life 3 soon after Portal 2 is on shelves. (Wishful thinking?)

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While the co-op campaign seems awesome, I kinda wish the story was contained in the single-player for people like me who don't know someone who has it for their platform and doesn't feel like co-oping with strangers. Guess I'm kinda forced to do the latter, unless Microsoft adds Steam to Xbox Live.