Where Did Everybody Go?

To: Ash
From: McWhertor
Re: Phew

Phew. You're tellin' me, man. It's been a busy day! Crecente's been indisposed all week, judging the games of E3, I've been speed-playing Red Dead Redemption in-between posts and everyone else is wrapped up in their own world, whether that involves writing, taking angry phone calls or listening in on Google's next step for world domination. Too many big games in too little time and too few Kotaku editors to try to wrangle it all.

It gets a little worse later in the week, as I take over for Crecente in pre-E3 previews. At least I'll get a chance to check out [REDACTED SEQUEL] and a ton of brand new games from [A SERIES OF PUBLISHERS]. Should be [ADJECTIVE]! Busy. Always busy.


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Michael Dukakis

Where Did Everybody Go?

That's what I said on November 8, 1988 in my campaign headquarters.

And then I wept.