Let's Discuss Alan Wake Episode One - Now

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It is time for the latest installment of Kotaku's Game Club. We are discussing Alan Wake's first episode: Nightmare.

Let's do this in the comments.

Some discussion topics to get you warmed up:

1) Were you satisfied with this episode as an episode? Would you have bought it on its own if the next episode wasn't coming out for, say, a month? And, if so, for how much?


2) In this first episode we see that Alan Wake is a frustrated guy, an author with problems who bristles at the small-town yokels who talk to him and who argues with his wife. He's also a somewhat slow runner and a good shot. Did the strengths and faults with the character, in terms of personality and gameplay, make you like him? Dislike him? What do you think of this guy as a game hero so far?

Those questions are just to get you started. Don't spend too much time answering them... jump into the fray and talk to each other. I'll be hanging out here too for the next hour.

Note: Our Alan Wake Game Club will return tomorrow, Thursday, at the same hour, 3pm Kotaku Time (5pm ET/ 1pm PT) with a discussion of the game's second episode.

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Now that I answered the questions, I'll say this. One thing I'm not sure I'm keen on is the manuscript pages. They're an interesting and relevant plot device, but reading about what's going to happen in the next scene is kinda annoying, almost takes away from the experience a little bit. It does give a weird sense of "I knew that'd happen, that's creepy" but it also takes away some of the effect of that happening. I was pretty close to not reading the manuscript pages until I'd completed the episode, but I just read them anyway.

So on that note, what did everyone else think of the games use of the manuscript?