Where Arcade Games Go To Die

Lensman Kert Gartner filmed this depressing, yet beautiful short at Allied Coin, one of Winnipeg's larger "arcade graveyards". Haunting, stunning, and sad.


The short is a promotional piece for the Winnitron 1000, which aims to encourage and inspire indie game developers. Read more about it here.

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Reminds me of the post I did a few days ago involving the Mortal Kombat II remnants I found in a back yard near me.

The people had moved from the half-double down the alley from me, and had left a Mortal Kombat II cab laying in the back yard. I examined it and it appeared to have been there for some time; the cab itself was thoroughly water-damaged, the bezel was gone, the monitor was busted, the pcb inside was gone, as well as the coin-box, PSU and other metal parts inside.

Surprisingly the entire control panel was inside the cab. The wires were mostly taken from it; my guess is they were taken by metal scrappers who go around each morning looking for scrap metal to take to the local recycler to sell; they were probably the ones who took the other parts too.

The control panel was secured inside by a chain, which is why it was likely still there. I gave it a good yank and brought the panel home with me. I figure when I have enough time I can replace the wiring and create a keyboard hack and control box so it can be used again (had to completely clean it; it had considerable grass clippings and dirt on it from where the people who had it must have mowed around it while it was laying in their yard).

Pretty indignant way to treat a cab, but at least the control panel will possibly live another day.