Where Adventure Games Meet Brutal Survival Sims

So Kôna looks pretty interesting. It's part-adventure game, part-survival sim. It's got Oculus Rift support. And it's about a 1970s murder mystery in the freezing Canadian north.


The player, hired to investigate the vandalism of a rich industrialist's home, arrives to find that not only is his client missing, but the entire town - including the chief suspects, the local Cree people - have disappeared as well.

I like the idea of mixing the normally pedestrian act of solving puzzles with the urgency of a survival game; you can spend your time just walking around, but if you're attacked or caught in the snow you'll quickly die if you can't treat yourself.


Note that while the clip above is narrated in French, there'll be two language tracks available, the other in English.

Kôna [Kickstarter]

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Grade school French is kicking in, understood about 65% of the trailer, probably could've got more if he slowed down. And he was talking pretty damn slow to begin with.