When Your Last Name Is First, Where Is Your Middle Name?

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From: Bashcraft
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Had to file out some housing papers this morning to finalize everything. Ran into a bit of confusion regarding the order of my name.

Japanese last names go first, followed by, well, first names. For example, in Japan, Shigeru Miyamoto is actually Miyamoto Shigeru. Hideo Kojima is Kojima Hideo. And so on.

When I first came to Japan, I registered as "Brian SOMETHING Ashcraft." SOMETHING is where my middle name goes — but isn't my middle name per se. Though, I kinda wish it was!

Japanese people don't have middle names (by law, I think), and my middle name was actually mispelled by the government until very recently — SUMETHING or something like that.

Before I applied for my home loan, I changed the ordering of my name on my foreigner registration to match the name ordering my family has: Ashcraft Mini-Bash, Ashcraft Micro-Bash, Ashcraft Mrs. Bashcraft, etc.

So my name then became Ashcraft Brian SOMETHING — with my middle name SOMETHING going at the end.


While filling out the bank papers today, there was some confusion of what my last name and first name were, and I had to change the ordering on my bank account as well to make everything jive. But got that taken care of, so whew!

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You should probably just have dropped the middle name altogether to fit with with the local criteria...

I don't have an easy name by our standards either. My full name goes like:

Firstname UnusedMiddleName1 UnusedMiddleName2 Something de Lastname

More commonly:

Firstname Something de Lastname

Basically my last name is composed and contains a particle (NOT capitalized, please).

What really messes things up, is that "Something" also happens to be a valid first name, but it's NOT my middle name, it's really part of the last name (Something de Lastname)

That leads to several problems:

- Being called "Firstname Something" as my first name instead of just "Firstname", because people might think the first name is the one that's composed.

- Being called "Something", when I place the last name first and first name after a comma.

- Having to either write "SomethingdeLastname" or "Lastname" in online forms where spaces are not allowed

- Running out of space to write my name on paper forms.

Bleh... You know what? you got it easy, pal! :)