Humankind Has Played More Than 6 Billion Hours of Halo Online

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When we talk about a franchise as popular as Halo, sometimes the numbers get so big as to grossly outsize human comprehension. Today, Microsoft announced that the tentpole franchise has sold more than 60 million copies to date, and that people have put in over 6 billion hours into the online modes.


That means that we have collectively spent more than 684,000 years playing these games online. If we exclude Halo Combat Evolved, which wasn't online capable on the Xbox, then people have put in the better part of a week for each copy the franchise has sold.

I know I played more than my share of Halo 2 and 4, but what about you? How many of those 6 billion hours are yours?


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Halo 2: 2425 total games played, which seems kind of low

Halo 3: 6.05:34:42 total playtime distributed among 1074 multiplayer matches

Halo Reach: 12 days & 10 hours of total playtime among 1682 games (which seems wrong since I know I played more Halo 3 than Reach).

Halo 4: 5 days and 19 hours of playtime among 1007 multiplayer matches.