Screenshotter and photographer Andy Cull has, with the help of fellow artist Berduu, put together a gallery called “Reality Bytes”, with the aim being “to showcase amazing images captured in videogames, images which blur the lines between the virtual and reality.”

Below is an example of the kind of stunning work that they’re celebrating. Note that while some of these shots were taken using mods, and others using a game’s custom photo mode, none of the imags were “manipulated in image editing software afterwards.”

Nobody is saying these are indistinguishable from photos. At first glance the shot of an F-14 below looks incredible, until you stare at it a little longer and notice the blocky textures on the fighter’s cockpit. Instead, the gallery is simply celebrating the fact that, thanks to the lighting and depth of field effects in most modern games (not to mention ultra HD textures), screenshots can now be arranged and taken in much the same way a professional photo would be.

You can see the full gallery here.


Battlefield 3, by N1ghtwalker.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, by Andy Cull.


Grand Theft Auto V, by Berduu.

Need For Speed Rivals, by Berduu.


Grand Theft Auto V, by Egor Travin.

The Last Of Us, by oPengu.


Assetto Corsa, by PulseZET.