Rebecca On is a concept artist and illustrator based in San Francisco, who has worked for companies like inXile Entertainment, Gameloft and Monte Cook Games.

You can see more of Rebecca’s art at her personal site.

UPDATE: In response to readers noticing that one of Rebecca’s images was very similar to another artist’s work, she has told Kotaku:

I’d first and foremost like to express my deepest apologies. All similarities to Mr. Kutsche’s piece were out of my negligence, and it was not my intention to plagarize. I sourced the image from Google under a generic search for poses, but even under sincere intentions, I’ve clearly caused distress among you in the community for falling into a common trapping of a grey area technique and for that I feel sincerely apologetic. I defend all other work and designs for as much originality as a “photo bash designer” can claim and will be revising my character piece Baiyu. I hope to regain everyone’s confidence, thank you.

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