When the Street Isn't Safe for Work

I've said it before: Japanese adult game and anime makers are masters of the in-store promotion. It's a mastery that would do 1970s grindhouse cinema owners proud. Many in-store promotions are NSFW. What happens when those hit the streets?

Curvy martial arts yarn Maken-Ki! has a huge display at Akihabara retailer Tora no Ana, giving pedestrians an eyeful of character Haruko Amaya.

Late last week, Maken-Ki! cosplayers were hired to hand out tissues to promoted the anime's opening theme song.

Some parts of Tokyo have window displays showcasing designer clothes. Others feature exotic sports cars. Akihabara has jubblies. Go figure.

Originally a manga, the Maken-Ki! anime debuted last month. Inevitable video game adaptations, no doubt, to come.


マケン姫っ!おっぱいの前で、おっぱい配ってた [アキバBlog]
とらのあな店頭にマケン姫っ!パイズリ立体おっぱいが登場 [アキバBlog]

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