This might be the best Superman fan-fiction I’ve ever seen. Hell, it’s better than most of the Superman stories DC is putting out nowadays.

How do we nominate the Weedhorse69 Saga for an Eisner? Because the Imgur post that plays out a text message conversation between Jimmy Olsen and an artist friend deserves the highest awards that comics can give.


What I love most about this short story is how, like American Alien, it interprets Superman for today. He comes across as chill, friendly and well-adjusted. A little square, maybe, but that’s in line with how he’s been portrayed over the years. I really hope someone on DeviantArt is drawing that Justice League band image. We need to see what J’onn J’onzz on keyboards looks like.


Note: readers have pointed out that the Weedhorse Saga is the work of a Tumblr user who goes by Unpretty. Kudos to her!

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