Despite the fact we just got a redesign, courtesy of our network paymasters at Gawker HQ, reader Tom Schwanke has ideas of his own as to how this website should look.

We may never actually get to use them, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the effort!

Tom's looked at everything from our logo - which admittedly could do with an update - to our content range to the flow of our news and come up with something that looks pretty good! The logo might not be quite there, and on the practical side I'm not sure where the advertising would go, but I applaud his obsessive use of our trademark hot pink, something our new design sadly doesn't have much room for.

He even made an app. And bus stop posters! If only. I've shared a few images here, but you can see the full range of designs (and the story behind them) at the link below.

Advertisement - Redesign [Behance]