If you've ever wanted to see more than a thousand ping pong balls detonated by a bottle of liquid nitrogen, have I got a surprise for you! This video of Plymouth University's professor Roy Lowry uploaded by Techietickets shows just what happens when a garbage can full of ping pong balls gets… angry.

Update: Well shoot, they have taken down the video. But rest assured, it was really cool. I've uploaded a funny Always Sunny in Philadelphia trailer in its place.

Do you, like me, wish that you had enough space to do stuff like this regularly? Did you ever go to those events in middle school where they'd freeze a flower in liquid nitrogen and then shatter it? Does all this just make you want to go re-watch Terminator 2?

Feel free to discuss that or anything else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have good chatting all! I'll be off for a couple of days, so have a good mid-week, and I'll see ya on Friday.


(Via Laughing Squid)