Gary Hudston commissioned three spectacular custom-built Portal 2 levels complete with fresh dialog from the voice of GLaDOS, Ellen Mclain, just to ask his girlfriend to marry him. After watching the glorious spectacle unfold, I'm ready to marry the guy.

Over the course of this three-level marathon of pre-marital proportions, GLaDOS manages to find a way to melt our hearts without, you know, actually melting our hearts. Sadly there's no reaction video of Stephanie playing through the level, but I'd imagine there were happy tears shed and possibly the odd enthusiastic squeak.


Because that's what came through on my end. Shut up.

Update: Rachel "Miss Stabby" van der Meer dropped us a line to make sure credit was given where credit was due. So hey, credits:

Level Design: Rachel van der Meer & Doug Hoogland
Scripting: Doug Hoogland
Writing: Gary Hudston
Animations: Rachel van der Meer
VoiceActor: Ellen Mclain
Recording: VALVe


Thanks, Stabby!

The Gary Hudston Project (Portal 2 Engagement) [YouTube - Thanks, Raul!]

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