Yakuza: of the End is Sega's zombie parody game that was originally slated for a March release. Then the earthquake hit, and the game was delayed to June.

Yakuza producer Toshihiro Nagoshi said the June delay was the result of numerous reasons: "Cash flow, correcting the poster, buying new ad time, and the manual labor needed to repackage the software."


The game features yakuza taking on zombies in a destroyed urban center.

Today, Sega revealed the game's first production run box art, which carries the words "がんばろう、日本!" or "Let's work hard together, Japan!" or "Let's hang in there, Japan!" or even "Let's try hard, Japan!" There are also stickers, too that carry the same encouraging message.

Sega is donating a portion of the game's profits to Japanese earthquake relief.

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