When Did You Stop Believing in Santa Claus?

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Christmas the First


Man, presents are a gianormous pain when we go the States for the holidays. Mini-Bash wrote his list to Santa yesterday. He wants a kickboard (I think it's called a "razor" scooter in English — not sure) and Beyblade spinning tops. Not sure if we are going to (SANTA SPOILER) buy the Beyblades here and take them or try to find the ones he wants there. We'll have to coordinate the scooter some how — maybe leave it here in the living room for when he gets back. Then, of course, we have to explain why Santa visits him in two places. He's six now and has started asking things, like if Santa is real. I told him to see what happens if he doesn't believe in Santa. See how that turns out. Wonder until what age he'll believe in Santa.

Gotta give the kid this: His list was short — man, my lists to Santa were pages.

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I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I saw an N64 sitting in my parents closet. Made me wonder why the hell it was doing there and not with Santa. What a revelation that was!