Second Life Real Estate Purchase Goes Horribly Wrong

Second Life has always been one of the strangest virtual spaces. It's an odd mixture of totally earnest role players, professional sellers and weird-as-hell trolls. And buying or selling something in it looks like it can turn into a total nightmare, fast.

The video above from YouTuber and Second Life griefer Virtual Experiences paints a surreal picture of the place. In it, he attempts to haggle (and mess with) a gruff real estate agent. "Daniel" pretends to not know how to use Second Life, and the gravely voiced agent slowly loses his temper as he tries to offer tech support and then berates him. It's a cringeworthy exchange, but one that leads to a lot of poignant quotes from the exasperated seller.


"Did you reboot, Daniel?"

via @kingkroba

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"The video above from YouTuber and Second Life griefer"

all that needs to be said.