When Britney Spears Meets Japanese Hack-And-Slash

After nearly a decade of trying, Microsoft still hasn't cracked the Japanese market with its Xbox consoles. We're not quite sure why, what with savvy cross-promotions like this!

This disc was a prize offered by Japanese magazine Famitsu back in 2002. It's a DVD combo, including a demo of From Software's hack-and-slash title Otogi, some trailers for the game and...two Britney Spears videos and some audio tracks.


What the hell does a Japanese hack-and-slash game have to do with Britney Spears, I hear you ask? Thank marketing for this one, as Britney's 2002 song "Overprotected" was, for some reason, used in Japanese commercials for the game.

What kind of Xbox owner was being targeted by this? The affluent one, it seems, as the disc is currently listed at just under a grand on eBay, with the seller claiming a previous copy was sold in Japan for USD$2000. Sounds ridiculous, but then, it's a ridiculous item, and since only five were ever made that makes it worth something to someone.

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