When "Alfa" Means "Car" And "Peach" Means "Baseball"

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Micro-Bash, who turns two years old next month, is really starting to talk. A lot. Some of the words he uses are typical Japanese baby-kid talk. Like "pon pon" for stomach, etc. Some of his other vocabulary is a bit more interesting. Much of what he says is still baby talk, but he is starting to string together sentences.

Two words he has been saying a bunch recently are "Alfa" and "momo". "Alfa" is "Alfa Romeo". He likes flipping through old car books and seems keen on Alfas. He uses it to describe all cars, well all red cars. He can identify the Alfa Romeo logo, though. He calls Nissan "Daddy" — even if we try to explain that the maker is Nissan, nope, it's "Daddy".

"Momo" means "peach" in Japanese, and oddly, he uses the word to refer to baseballs.

So, he'll say things like, "Daddy Alfa vroom vroom." Another is "No peach. No!" I think that means, "Nissan and an Alfa Romeo are driving." The second sentence means, "I don't have a baseball. No baseball!" Or he could be talking about peaches.


Not sure.

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