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When Air Jordan Met Xbox

Illustration for article titled When Air Jordan Met Xbox

It’s been a poor generation for custom console designs, but I am very in for this official Xbox x Jordan collaboration. Only catch is that they’re for a competition, not a general release.


The three consoles are each based on an Air Jordan 3 colourway (“Black Cement“, “Free Throw Line“ and “Tinker Hatfield”), and each set comes with both the console and the shoes they’re based on.

Nike and Microsoft did something similar last year with the Atmos x Air Max, and like...I get that competitions make these packs seem valuable, but it’d be nice to be able to actually buy something like this.


Or at least the controllers.

Luke Plunkett is a Senior Editor based in Canberra, Australia. He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and also runs

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

I remember reading somewhere that the Nike/Jordan deal made MJ a shitload of money, due to him being smart enough to set terms that turned out great for him.