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Here's one that can't wait for the next Police Blotter roundup. Cops in the Philadelphia suburb of Upper Darby say a man who uses a specialized wheelchair was trying to sell an Xbox, "started talking like a gangster" and then stabbed his potential buyer five times when the man reneged on the purchase.

Andrew Hinson, 48, put his 57-year-old victim in the hospital in serious condition, a police spokesman said. Cops said he went to a friend's house about 4:15 a.m. Sunday and tried to sell him an Xbox. Police said he "started talking like a gangster," and when the man refused to buy the hardware, Hinson whipped out a knife and stabbed the guy in the leg.


Hinson left the scene but, thanks to the fact he has an arrest record stretching back nearly 25 years (including a two-year sentence after pleading guilty to murder) cops didn't have to look too far when they were told to find a knife-wielding dude in a wheelchair. He was taken into custody at his home, and found to have drug paraphernalia on him when arrested.

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that over the summer, Hinson left his special-made wheelchair—which he has used since he was shot in the back in 2005—in his front yard. Some kids took it for a joyride but eventually returned it unharmed.

Wheelchair-bound man arrested for Xbox stabbing [Philadelphia Daily News]

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