Wheel Of Fortune Spins On PlayStation Network Thursday

Sony will let wordsmiths buy not just one vowel, but seven six, as Wheel of Fortune arrives on the North American PlayStation Store this Thursday.

With 9,000 puzzles and 11 cities to play in, the lack of a digital Vanna White will be less painfully felt. Not sure about that $14.99 price tag, though. That's bordering on semi-pricey for Wheel of Fortune, especially so if we don't get to look at a perfectly coiffed Pat Sajak either. I suppose this signed eight-by-ten framed glossy that sits permanently next to my television will have to suffice.


This PlayStation Network game show entry has been a longer time coming than expected. Thank goodness for "Spring Fever." Any PlayStation 3 owners thinking of taking this one for a spin?

Wheel of Fortune Arrives on the PlayStation Network this week [PlayStation.blog]

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