What's Your Worst Rage Quitting Story?

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Sometimes that boss just WON’T go down. Or there’s some really annoying kid on your team who won’t stop killing you for some reason? Maybe it was a glitch that did it. Whatever your story is, you rage quit. And you rage quit hard.


Rage quitting isn’t just putting the controller down and deciding to call it quits for a day. It’s about getting completely overwhelmed by something completely obnoxious. We’ve probably all been there. You hit your limit and...then what happened? Did you break your controller? Go Office Space on your Xbox?

I’m not much of a rage quitter, or a quitter at all really. I’ll just push through and rage play instead. Even the closest times I’ve come to rage quitting have been pretty innocuous. But surely you all have stories to top my non-story. Hit me with them!

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I recently just rage-quit Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag because it is one of the poorly designed video games I’ve ever played. So, get this, after you play an okay tutorial (that doesn’t really teach you much of anything other than sailing) you get to the port and then boom you’re a nerd in a video game company and you wander aimlessly for about ten minutes before you can go back into the game. It’s a superb example of how to do pacing absolutely terribly. The game is about to start? No, let’s screech to a halt and let you do nothing. Once back in the game, I thought, “Now we’re getting somewhere” but instead I’m made to play a terrible “follow at a distance” mission that is merciless. Instead of building up to it, the game asks you to enter a forbidden zone immediately. Any mistake you make, you must start again. It’s unforgiving and wholly obtuse. So I rage-quit that shit hard because who has time for video games that can’t even handle pacing properly?