What's Your Least Favorite Game of 2013 So Far?

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Yesterday, we talked about our favorite games of 2013. Now comes the hour of our discontent. It's time to vent, to get mad, to talk about sadness and disappointment. Hooray?

As we catch our breath during the comparatively slow month of May, it's a good time to take stock. Now that you guys have articulated the games you were happy to play, I'm curious to know which games you wish you hadn't played at all.


Some prompts:

1) What is your least favorite game of the year so far? Why?

2) Have you played a game that you felt sure was going to be great, but it let you down? What has been your biggest disappointment this year?

3) Is there an already-released game that sounds so bad you're actually interested in playing it?

Last night we had a lot of consensus for favorite games around the usual suspects—Tomb Raider, BioShock Infinite, Fire Emblem and the like, but there were also some interesting outliers. I'm looking forward to seeing if you guys were all disappointed by the same games or not. Have at it! Let the bile flow!


(And remember, just because someone says they didn't like a game you liked, it doesn't mean they dislike you personally.)

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1) What is your least favorite game of the year so far? Why?

Ni No Kuni was so painful to play I just had to stop playing it in the end even though I really wanted to stick with it :( Don't get me wrong the the story was ok (still I stopped) and the graphics amazing but the game play mechanics left a lot to be desired and a bitter taste in the mouth.

Just one of many small things that ground my gears was when canceling an attack to perform a well timed defense/evasive skill "NICE" shows up and I am then prompted with a sound clip which feels really good but wait... attack is now on a cooldown... thus no reward for using timing and skill ...fuck you! Basically rendering it pointless, unless defending against a large boss attack.

The AI was god awful, insistently dieing or wasting all their precious mana on the single attack skill I slotted in case I wished for an rare 'all out attack' but instead was spammed even when a party member or I needed a heal (which was set for in tactics) in the end I gave up and set every skill for support.

I spent most of the time spamming one button because you had to go easy on mana or was already oom which made the game boring.

X .X. .X. X. ...

I'm not joking I actually went to make a cup of tea in the other room and just spammed X while it was brewing and when returning was greeted by a results screen!

After awhile I was sat there thinking that I could be playing something else and be actually having fun.

Now I am sure that many fans of Ghibli / Level 5 / JRPG's will tell me its me and not the game that is at fault and maybe they are right but I can not help feel disappointed at the whole experience.