In the words of one Frances "Baby" Houseman, 2013 has been wild. Wild! Well not quite as wild as Patrick Swayze in the rain, but you know, there have been a lot of good games.

We're not quite to the halfway point yet, but we have entered the more relaxed May period, which at this point is pretty much the only time of the year we could still call a "doldrums" or a "lull" with a straight face. So it seems like a good time to take quick stock of the year so far.


Rather than do some big ol' retrospective, I thought I'd just turn it over to you guys. Some prompts:

1) What is your favorite game so far this year?

2) What's one game that's out that you haven't had a chance to play yet, but are looking forward to?

3) What's been your biggest (pleasant) surprise of the year so far?

We'll save disappointments for later in the week, so right now let's focus on the positive. Also, let's try to keep it focused on games, not on consoles or announcements or forthcoming stuff or whatever. Have at it!

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