One of the coolest things about Grand Theft Auto V (and about GTA games in general) is that each player will get a slightly different soundtrack. Sure, the general playlist will remain the same, but every iconic moment may be accompanied by one of dozens of great songs.

And they are great—with GTA V, Rockstar soundtrack supervisor Ivan Pavlovich and his team have outdone themselves. Even after completing the main story, I continue to hear new, terrific tracks.

By now, those of you who have been playing the game since it came out have probably got a favorite tune. (You've also probably got a few tracks you can't bear to listen to anymore—For me: You don't gotta like it 'cause the HOOD gonna love it! You don't gotta like it 'cause the HOOD gonna love it! Oh my god already we get it.)

Tonight, let's list our favorite tunes from the game, along with any stories those tracks have inspired. You can find a full browsable tracklist here.


1. One song per entry. Feel free to post multiple entries, of course.

2. Please comment with submissions, not just regular comments. Save normal comments for the entries themselves.


3. No spoilers, please. If you GTA Memory involves a significant story spoiler, try to talk around it. If you must have a spoiler in your entry, please mark it clearly, in bold. This has been an issue in some past GTA posts, and unmarked spoilers will get your entry deleted.

4. Follow this format:

[embed youtube/soundcloud URL, etc]



Radio Station:

GTA Memory:

Alright, let's do this thing. I'll go first.