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What's Wrong With Kids These Days?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Back in my day things were different! If I wanted to play a video game I had to use one joystick to move and aim! In the snow! Come to think of it, it wasn't that bad at all. Acast010 thinks that this generation is a lot worse—not the games though. He says the gamers are the problem.

I am incredibly tired of this generation. And sadly, it's not this generations games...It's the gamers themselves. Every other post I see is someone bashing a game or genre of games; or stating how the industry has grown stale and we need a "crash" so that new and exciting games can come out.

Well I hate to break it to you, but do you remember last generation? The PS2/GCN Generation? (Don't even bring Dreamcast into this, because that console lasted a whole six months) How about every game was a platformer or RPG. Every damn game had either jumping or some androgenous boy/girl trying to save the world from another androgynous boy/girl.


We finally get a powerfull set of consoles (and to PC gamers, no one cares about your rig btw) that really push forward on gaming. We get amazing new IP's (Assasins Creed, Uncharted, Red Dead, LA Noire, Bioshock, Demons Souls, Mass Effect, Gears of War, this is all off the top of my head btw) We even get some of our old favorite games brought back with new life into the main stage (Fallout 3 for example).

Yet, all I ever hear is this "WAAA WAA SEQUELS EVERYWHERE!"

In the previous generation all people would ever scream for would be a sequel to their favorite games. Yet now we have them, and we bitch. I used to think it was the games; now im certain it's "gamers."


Bashing down scores on Metacritic because they dont like the changes. Starting inane and immature feuds between gaming franchises. Is this what we have become? A group of entitled little brats that scream for Duke Nukems release, but when we finally get our hands on it..."It's too vulgar," or "OMG TWO WEAPON LIMIT?!" Wait till Half-Life 2 Episode 3 comes out. You honestly feel Valve wont make some changes to the game's mechanics that were put into play 10 years ago?

What ever happened to just treating gaming as a fun hobby that we can all enjoy? I think I realized what the problem is and it's very simple. A lot of "gamers" treat this hobby as that small indie band you loved during college. The band gets popular and other people like it. People who have never even heard of the band or their EPs and Demos. Yet you hate those people, and you hate that band even more for being sellouts.


Lets go back to games being just that. Video Games. Where we can just enjoy them and have F-U-N. It doesn't have to be about being "pro" or the tournaments or how "Hardcore" someone is (how retarded is that statement? Being Hardcore about a game? Think about that for a second)

Yes DLC is getting out of control; yes some companies are doing the "right" thing and others arent. But gaming is a business, and a big one at that. It's going to keep chaning and evolving. Unfortunately, I don't see it as being that niche thing you and your 3 only friends used to do on friday nights. It's evolved. I think it's time we evolve with it.


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