What's Will Wright Doing at GDC on Saturday?

I ran into Will Wright yesterday just before the Game Developer Choice Awards kicked off. He was wearing a shiny suit and grabbing a drink.

I walked up and said Hi, asking if he was giving a talk tomorrow, perhaps under a pseudonym. He just smiled, his Cheshire cat smile.


I asked because I couldn't help but notice a Saturday talk by "Phaedrus". It's the same talk that has been getting some Twitter GDC attention latest: The Metaphysics of Games.

According to GDC advisory board member Simon Carless on GameSetWatch, Phaedrus was "a Roman fabulist, by birth a Macedonian and lived in the reigns of Augustus, Tiberius, Gaius and Claudius."

According to Plato, Phaedrus was a strawman used by the philosopher in a fictional dialog with Socreates about many things, including art, rhetoric and philosophy.

That certainly sounds very Will Wright.

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